About Jules

Over 2m books sold globally!

It still seems incredible to me that lovely readers part with hard earned cash to read the books I write. I want to say a heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you who has bought, read or reviewed one of my stories. Whether your preference is for Jules Wake,  or the ‘cosy’ series under my maiden name Julie Caplin, I just want to say: Thank you. 

My first book, Talk to Me, was published in 2014. Since then, I’ve written a further eighteen books, with another two in the pipeline.  I’ve sold translation rights to various countries throughout Europe, I’ve had two best sellers with Covent Garden in the Snow reaching the heady height of No 2 in the Amazon Kindle chart, something I never thought I’d see and The Little Café in Copenhagen becoming a big hit in Sainsbury’s. In January 2021 The Saturday Morning Park Run was my first book to gather over 3,000 reviews on Amazon.  Running and romance is a great combination!


I consider myself an honorary Yorkshire woman living in the Chilterns, who still misses proper hills.
I always had an over active imagination which was fuelled by a passion for reading from a young age.  A trip to the Bronte’s parsonage at Haworth with my grandmother cemented my desire to be a writer one day.  

After reading English at the University of East Anglia, working life began in the glamorous, but deeply shallow world of PR (and I enjoyed every minute of it) , where my fiction writing skills were honed on press releases and copy-writing projects.

One day didn’t happen until I happened to take a break between jobs which also coincided with a local 6 week writing course.  This brilliant course  started me writing in earnest..  It was now a case of not being able to not write.  When the course finished, I set up the Tring Writers Circle.  As a writer, its good to network with other like minds who also have people talking in the head, or are dreaming up the latest plot.

I felt obliged to set a good example, which also proved to be a genuine displacement activity for other tasks which I didn’t enjoy so much, such as cooking and ironing. Fortunately my husband is good at the former and an occasional participant in the latter.

In January 2019, with both my children at university,  I took the bold decision to give up my job as a school business manager and commit to full-time writing.


The last three years have been busy! June 2020 saw the publication of the Little Tea Shop in Tokyo, published by Harper Impulse under my maiden name Julie Caplin, followed by The Saturday Morning Park Run and The Spark, by Jules Wake. At the start of 2021 The Little Swiss Ski Chalet (Julie Caplin) was published, followed by The Secrets of Latimer House (Jules Wake) and the Cosy Cottage in Ireland (Julie Caplin). The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim (Jules Wake) came out in April 2022 and the Christmas Castle in Scotland (Julie Caplin). Around half way through 2023, The French Chateau Dream (Julie Caplin) was published and then at the start of 2024 came Villa With a View (Julie Caplin) .


I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this book!!!! What a heart-warming, eye-opening, and hilarious start to a brand new series from Julie Caplin. The entire story-line warmed my soul from the tips of my toes, to the tips of my hair.


Kaisha Holloway on The Little Cafe in Copenhagen